Solar and Wind: 2015: Solar and wind outpace fossil fuel for new electric generation.

In 2015, two-thirds of the country’s new electric generation capacity came from solar and wind. Last year was the second-straight year in which wind and solar projects outpaced fossil fuel. Wind and Solar Outpaced Fossil Fuels Again Even in Republican-Led States Fighting Climate Action

Solar: Some utilities are opposing solar. It’s all about money.

Interesting article about net metering, community solar, and the interests of utilities and solar installers.

Solar Energy War: Utilities Set Their Sights on Rooftop Solar By Fox Business

Puppy mills: Las Vegas passes ordinance banning the sale of animals from puppy mills.

In January, the city of Las Vegas passed an ordinance to ban the sale of animals from puppy mills and other animal mills. This is part of a nationwide movement to pass laws in cities and states in order to prevent the suffering of animals that come from a network of factories, called animal Mills, that over breed animals, keep them in poor conditions and then ship them around the country – often sick or defective, to sell them for profit like products on a shelf.

Puppy Mills: Puppy mills should be shut down and the sale of their animals banned.

Puppy mills exist to profit on the suffering of animals. There are tens of thousands of puppy mills around the country. Animals are kept in substandard conditions. HSUS has documented that 40% of puppies who come from puppy mills suffer from illnesses and 34% have congenital defects.