Major improvement in conditions for Millstone farm animals in response to Friday’s court order

There has been immediate and major improvement in the conditions of care for farm animals in Millstone Township NJ in response to the NJ Superior Court Order issued Friday, February 28, 2015 in Goldman v. Perna and Vaccaro.  The Court Order directed defendants Christopher Vaccaro and Tina Perna to immediately provide adequate water, food and shelter for over 250 farm animals on their property.

Plaintiff, Stuart Goldman, who brought the civil action for animal cruelty, reports that on his visit to the property today, he personally observed that Vaccaaro had brought in ample drinking water and good quality hay.  Goldman saw hired workers on site and saw that they had removed debris that had been lying all over the property and had been left inside the greenhouse and shelters where animals stayed.   Goldman also confirmed that bedding for the animals had been brought in– bedding is especially critical for animals when the weather is cold.

Plaintiff will continue to monitor the status of the animal and compliance with the court order.  Plaintiff has lined up sanctuaries that are willing to take in animals as necessary.  Of his observations today, Goldman said: “It is a great relief that the Court granted the injunction and that Vaccaro is apparently working to comply with the order.”

Goldman is represented by Dante DiPirro, Esq. of Hopewell NJ, who is an animal welfare lawyer and chancery court lawyer.